Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What BLA Librarians Can Do for You

As teachers, there are many demands on your time.  Your BLA librarians (Ann, Sara & Mary) are eager to assist you with your instructional goals.  


  • Databases
    • Research Skills
    • From a quick overview to an in-depth lesson, we'll work with your classes to help them find the best resources possible for any project.
  • Citations
    • When your students are working on anything that needs citations, let us teach the citation lesson for you before they get too far along in the project.
  • Technology integration
    • Tutorials
    • Recommendations
    • Co-teaching
    • Digital citizenship
  • Makerspace activities that correlate to your instructional unit
    • The Origami and Gyotaku (Japanese fish painting) Lesson was a hit with Social Studies teachers and their students when they were studying Japan.
  • AP/SAT/ACT Test Prep and Shmoop
    • Let us help you set up classes to track your students' practice and teach your students how to use the platforms.
  • Poster design
    • Powerpoint
    • Photoshop
  • Moviemaker
  • Apps - Overdrive, Goosechase, Kahoot, Padlet, etc.
  • Classes just for teachers - demos, etc.

Other Services

  • BreakoutEDU - Students use teamwork and critical thinking with content-aligned clues to solve a series of challenging puzzles in order to open the locked box.  Games are available for all content areas.
  • Book talks in your classroom
    • We'll read book excerpts or provide audiobook clips to interest your students in reading.
  • Little Classroom Libraries
    • Small collections of books(5-7) on any topic for teachers to display in their rooms and check out to students to promote reading in their classes.
  • The Next Chapter Book Club
    • We meet in the elab for lunch (on us!) four times a year.  You and your students are invited to join us.  More than just a discussion.
  • Battle of the Books
    • Ne format in conjunction with Region One.
  • Displays!
    • We love to display student work in the library.  We have 6 lockable, glass display cases and the tops of our low bookshelves.  We can also hang work in the rotunda.
  • Order books, videos, and more for you and your students to check out or use in the library.

Contact us at to start collaborating today.

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